At the end of the combustion process, a large proportion of heat is released outside along with waste gases. The condensation technology does not allow releasing of this heat; provides higher energy saving. In the heat exchanger, the heat of water is drawn and sent to the heating system. When compared with a conventional combustion system, more than %100 of energy in the fuel used can be converted into heat.


In these systems, multiple devices that are connected to each other engage/disengage as needed. In the cascade system, all devices operate as modulation-controlled. In order to ensure simultaneous control of all boilers, they must be connected to the control unit.
With ECODENSE condensing boilers, it is possible to control up to 16 boilers as CASCADE. If any one of the boilers operating redundantly fails, the next boiler connected serially engages automatically and no problem is experienced in the order of operation. Thus, serviceability and maintainability of these boilers are ensured.


Mixing of gas and air required for combustion in order to achieve high-efficiency combustion before they arrive to burner is called as “Premix Technology”. By a frequency-controlled fan, it is possible to provide ideal air content required for combustion at each capacity during 5:1 modulating operation.


When outdoor temperature goes below +4 °C, the boiler automatically protects itself and prevents freezing. The boiler protects itself, when the temperature of flue gas exceeds the set value during operation. The boiler protects itself during unexpected high temperatures with combustion space safety thermostat.