Heat Pump Graund



  • Installation water output temperature in the range of 55 °C / 65 °C / 75 °C.
  • 80% of energy required for heating , cooling and hot water are supplied from solar heat absorbed soil.
  • Heating, cooling and hot water requirements are provided by a single device.
  • The economizer provides 30% efficiency compared to its counterparts with advanced automation and high efficiency compressor.
  • Environment-friendly with maximum energy efficiency.
  • Provides FREE water heating with its plus heat property in summer months and 85% cheaper cooling than conventional cooling equipment as A/C, VR, etc.
  • It is possible to obtain 4.5 COP in winter and 8.5 COP in summer
  • In radiator systems, 65 ° C installation water temperature is provided. Larger radiator selection increases efficiency.
  • Works with floor and wall heating systems, and provides cooling in the same systems. The fan coil can provide more efficient cooling.
  • Due to its compact structure, it doesn't require pump expansion tank, safety valves, boilers, etc.