Optional Accessories

Circulation Pump:
High efficiency circulation pump provides energy saving.

It must be installed on the installation according to the check valve circuit diagram with the appropriate connection diameter.

6 bar safety valve:
A spring-loaded safety valve must be fitted on theinstallation in accordance with the
circuit diagram of the valve without other restriction.


QAC Outside Sensor:
Operable at the range of -50°C to 70°C. Allows connection at maximum 120 meters using cable with 1.5 mm2 section. +1/-1 Kelvin tolerance.


QAD36 Strap-On Temperature Sensor:
Operable at the range of -30°C to 125°C.
Allows connection at maximum 80 meters using cable with 1 mm2 section.
+0.5/-0.5 Kelvin tolerance.



QAZ36 Cable Temperature Sensor:
Operable at the range of 0°C to 95°C. +0.5/-0.5 Kelvin tolerance.
2 meters long.

OCI345.06 CASCADE Module
For wall mounted boilers, 16 boilers, including 1 master and 15 slave boilers, can be controlled as cascade.

AVS-74 Control Panel:
Controls the parameters contained in the boiler control card. Connected to the boiler control card via the connection cable. Different language options that are not in the standard control panel are active. (DE, EN, FR, IT, NL, ES, DA, SV, FI, PT, PL, CS, SK, SL, HU, EL, TR, RU, SR)

Relay connection, solar panel connection, 3 way valve connection.

QAA55 Cascade Room Unit:
Room comfort setting value can be changed and operation mode can be



OZS164 - OZW672 Webserver

You can connect to the web server device from anywhere in the world to monitor and control your system.

  • Remote access to your facility, and monitoring operating values,
  • Adjustment of system hour, minute and year details,
  • Language selection setting,
  • Time program setting (Heating circuit, boiler, external time program)
  • Vacation mode setting for heating circuits (controlling the heating circuit as per the anti-freeze protection mode in buildings for prolonged non-use)
  • Changing temperature values of heating circuits,
  • Setting boiler operating temperature and changing the boiler’s operating mode (operation by 24 hours or time program)
  • Controlling legionella function in boiler circuit,
  • Controlling swimming pool circuit and changing temperature values,
  • Controlling cascade parameters,
  • Setting parameters of solar powered system,
  • Setting accumulation tank or hot water storage tank parameters,
  • Configuration settings (Relay and sensor assignment)
  • Resetting system to factory settings,
  • Monitoring system errors, viewing error times (Last 10 errors)
  • Viewing maintenance time and defining maintenance interval,
  • Testing the relays connected to the system,
  • Viewing status information of cascade system,
  • Viewing information on heat generation and consumption,
  • Changing operating modes (economy, comfort, anti-freeze protection and automatic operation modes)