Cascade Control Panel

Cascade Control Panel
  • Selectable system control language from the languages defined in languages options.
  • You can control the system using weekly time program and set the system to turn on/off 3 times a day. The system operates in comfort mode during programmed periods and in economy mode at other times for economic use.
  • Controller can be used to add vacation mode for the heating circuit. During vacation period, the heating circuit operates according to the freezing temperature or economy temperature for energy efficiency.
  • You may control the heating circuit by parameters presented in the device;
    • The device can operate in 3 different temperature modes: comfort mode, economy mode and freezing mode.
    • Heating curve can be adjusted depending on climate conditions.
    • Adjustable minimum and maximum water temperature for floor heating systems. (Floor heating systems must comprise 3-way mixture valve.)
    • You can use the floor drying function to adjust the heating temperature for newly finished floor.
  • For the boiler, the same settings as the heating circuit are available.
    • The boiler operation can be programmed with desired time schedule. (Day/hour setting),
    • Boiler and the heating circuit can operate at the same time, or the boiler heating can be prioritized using priority assignment.
    • To prevent viral formation in long term non-circulating water, legionella function can heat the boiler water to high temperatures at specific periods to eliminate viruses.
  • The last 20 errors in the control device can be viewed using the relevant parameter.
  • It is compatible to run with solar power.
  • Swimming pool heating is possible using solar power and boiler.
  • Cascade module can allow the system to operate as cascade. For wall mounted boilers, 16 boilers, including 1 master and 15 slave boilers, can be controlled as cascade system. Cascade system operation;
    • Ensures equal aging of boilers,
    • Prevents frequent activation and deactivation of boilers.
  • Additional modules and additional zone control device can be added to the control device in line with the project requirements. Additional modules enable;
    • Instantaneous water heater control,
    • Return water temperature control,
    • Heating circuit control.
  • Maintenance and special operation menu can be used to define maintenance intervals. The boiler’s operating times can be measured, service signal and maintenance time alert can be issued at specified intervals and the time since the last maintenance can be tracked.
  • Commissioning mode can be used to conduct inlet/outlet tests of equipment during commissioning.
  • Room units can be connected to the control device. Room unit can be used to control the heating circuit
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