Roof Top Series Condensing Boiler

ECODENSE Roof Top condensing boilers offer solution in hot water production for rooftop outdoor installation in many applications such as shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals
and hotels. ECODENSE condensing boilers, when used as CASCADE, meet high-capacity energy requirements with line-up operation and also expand the life-cycle by ensuring equal aging in boilers.


  • High efficiency with premix condensing technology and micro-flame metal fiber coated steel burner,
  • Provides energy saving through 5:1 modulating operation,
  • 10 different capacity option between 65 kW-300 kW in ECODENSE RT One/Twin series,
  • Operation option with natural gas and LPG,
  • Easy hydraulic and gas circuit connections,
  • Allows simple control with illuminated LCD panel which provides ease of use; and error codes and
  • boiler information can be displayed on this panel,
  • Daily and weekly operation schedule can be programmed,
  • Seasonal heat program can be prepared during summer and winter times,
  • Operation in lower noise values,
  • Environmentally friendly with lower NOx and CO emission rates,
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance.


  • When outdoor temperature goes below +4 °C, the boiler automatically protects itself and prevents from freezing
  • The boiler protects itself, when the temperature of flue gas exceeds the set value during operation,
  • The boiler protects itself during unexpected high temperatures with combustion space safety thermostat.


  • Primer hydraulic circuit circulating pump,
  • Inlet and return collectors in size according to installed total power,
  • Check valve in inlet line and safety valve in return line of the boiler,
  • Ball valves in both inlet and return lines of the boilers,
  • Balance container with residue, dirt and air separator return collectors in size according to total installed power,
  • Gas detector for the gas leakage control,
  • Pressure gauge and ball valve in gas line,
  • Thermometer in hydraulic circuits,
  • Drain trap for each boiler,
  • Ventilation grills for the air inlet and outlet,
  • Eye bolt for easy transport.


Type Unit Capacity Boiler Number Gas Inlet Pressure Max. Operating Pressure
mbar mbar
Ecodense Rt – 65 One Kw 65 1 21 6
Ecodense Rt – 80 One Kw 80 1 21 6
Ecodense Rt – 100 One Kw 100 1 21 6
Ecodense Rt – 125 One Kw 125 1 21 6
Ecodense Rt – 150 One Kw 150 1 21 6
Ecodense Rt – 65 Twin Kw 65 2 21 6
Ecodense Rt – 80 Twin Kw 80 2 21 6
Ecodense Rt – 100 Twin Kw 100 2 21 6
Ecodense Rt – 125 Twin Kw 125 2 21 6
Ecodense Rt – 150 Twin Kw 150 2 21 6




You can download circuit diagrams designed for the boiler room application by clicking on the links below.
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