Dear Customer, 

  • Your device, which has been started for the first time by our authorized service, is under warranty for two (2) years against any manufacturing and workmanship defects.
  • Periodic maintenance of your device, depending on its frequency of use beginning from the date of commissioning, provides fuel savings, extends the life of your device, minimizes any potential faults, and ensures inspection of the safety and security systems.

When to perform maintenance?

When the air temperature changes noticeably,
When the device will be restarted after a long time of non-operation (e.g. restarting a
device, which was turned off during summer, when the weather gets cold),
When you doubt that the device do not function correctly,
In monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly periods.

Who must perform the maintenance?

The maintenance of your device must be performed by authorized service stations by
contacting ECODENSE. Recent accidents with losses of life and property have revealed
that they were caused by actions of persons other than the authorized services. Also, it is
observed that persons with no connection to ECODENSE greatly mistreat the customers.
For this reason, “The maintenance should be performed by signing yearly maintenance agreements with the authorized service stations referred under the assurance of the company.”

What is Flue Gas Analysis?

The flue gas analysis is the method of measuring the amount of toxic gases created as a
result of combustion, and the performance you receive from the fuel you use for
combustion. Regular measurement is important for your safety and fuel savings..

When to perform Flue Gas Analysis?

When you request maintenance of the device, the flue gas analysis measurements are also
performed. Apart from this, at any time when you notice or doubt anything, you must have
such measurements performed.

You may contact your authorized service or ECODENSE After-Sales Service Department at
the number given below for maintenance agreements.