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WARNING: Please completely fill in the information and control steps in the form. The request for commissioning will not be processed if the form is not filled in completely.

***The following processes are needed to be completed in order for the device to be started up and to operate safely and efficiently. Please confirm that these processes have been done by ticking the boxes. In case any of the following control steps is missing, the device will not be commissioned.



1- Flue connections were made fully and sealed, while flue joints were sealed by inflammable silicon and tape.
2- A proper hole is available on the flue outlet to make flue gas analyses.
3- The boiler has a positive flue system. Total pressure of waste gas and fresh air is set to 186 Pa (Pascal) within this scope.
4- The boiler room ventilations were provided in compliance with the specifications of the relevant gas distribution company, the boiler capacity and related legislations.
5- The flue system to be connected to the boiler was made by taking into consideration the warnings specified in the assembly manual of the device.
6- An external air sensor was installed.
  7- A dipping sensor was placed into the boiler where the second heating circuit is present.


1- The gas opening certificate provided by the local gas organization is available. (must be available for all devices using natural gas.)
2- A fire filter, interception valve and manometer were installed onto the fire line.
3- The regulator was installed at proper pressure and flow rate. (Natural gas must be 21 mbar).
4- Gas alarm devices and solenoid valves are available and is operable in boiler rooms located at sub-elevation level.
5- If a door or window leading to the living spaces from the boiler room is available, their sealing is ensured.
6- Natural gas inlet for wall-type condensing type boilers is limited to maximum 21 mbar.
7- There is no equipment that may cause sparkle while operating in boiler rooms for the systems using gas.
8- It must be ensured that no gas leakage is present in the boiler gas connection sleeve and in the gas line. There is no gas leak in gas line.


  1- The installation was carried out in accordance with the project sent.
  2- Each circuit in the heating installation has air and mud separators. The installation's air was discharged after being tested.
  3- An air purge/air separator was installed on the boiler outlet line in order to discharge the air that may form in the installation.
  4- Water of wall-type condensing boilers was led to the waste water drain.
  5- The installation is equipped with an expansion tank having a valve in front.
  6- The boiler outlet is equipped with a full draft safety valve at or below 6 bars. The safety valve inlet and outlet have no valves.
  7- A balancing container in proper sizes is available to prevent any impact on the boiler pressure and installation pressure.
  8- Measures were taken against the freezing problem of the wall-type condensing boiler and the system.
  9- The boiler was installed according to the operating manual, and it enables the maintenance and malfunction services.
  10- A dirt holder was installed to the plumbing before the water inlet.
  11- A filter was installed to water return to the boiler in the system.


  1- The electrical installation was prepared properly.
  2- In case of multiple boilers, each boiler's electrical installation must be made separately. Each boiler has a separate electrical installation.
  3- The boiler panel, boiler control panel, circulation pumps and mixture valves were earthed.
  4- 3x1,5 TTR cable must be laid to the boiler panel supply line, and each device must be equipped with a 10 ampere 220 volt fuse. Application has been made in requested sizes.
  5- The circulation pump was tested. It operates properly.
  6- Electrical connections of the device were carried out in compliance with the project.
  7- Electrical connections of the sensors of the device were carried out in compliance with the project.


  1- It was controlled that the flue draft is suitable.
  2- Suitability of the mechanical installation was checked.
  3- Electrical assembly was checked.
  4- Water pressures were checked.
  5- Gas pressure was controlled.
  6- Water hardness conforms to the values specified in the operating manual of the product. .

WARNING: "Your device will be commissioned in 3 (three) days from the completion date of this form and faxed to Termo Isı Sistemleri Tic. San. ve A.Ş. following the execution of the above-mentioned checks. In case it is detected that any of the items given in the checklist is missing during the visit for the commissioning of the device, your device will not be commissioned and 55 Euro + VAT and transportation fee will be collected from you as servicing occupation fee. It is kindly requested that you pay attention to the completeness of the system before requesting service."

“I agree.”